Please read this agreement and rules carefully before using the site. you must follow the terms of the agreement and the rules by accessing this site, using any services (services) and applications offered on the site, its content. in the event that you do not agree with the terms of the agreement and the rules, you can not use the site or use any services and applications offered on the site, its contents and also visit pages located in the domain zone of the site.

Terms and definitions

  1. A visitor is a person who gets access to information located in the domain zone
  2. User is a visitor of the Site who has received an account on the Site in the established order.
  3. The site is a set of integrated software and hardware, as well as information intended for publication on the Internet and displayed in a specific text, graphic or audio form located in the domain zone
  4. Site services - the functionality of the Site, intended for use by Visitors and Users
  5. Internet page (HTML page) - Site page, a set of information and software integrated with software and hardware, including text, graphics, intended for publication of data on the Internet as part of the Site.
  6. Account - Authentication and Personal User Data stored on the servers of the Site.
  7. Content - the results of intellectual activity and equated with them means of individualization (including: musical works, literary works, computer programs, mobile phones, audiovisual works, phonograms, images, texts, trademarks and service marks, commercial designations and trade names, logos), hypertext links, their fragments, information, widgets and other objects posted by the Site.
  8. "User Content" means the content of the site (including the User's comments) posted by the User independently, voluntarily and free of charge.
  9. Personal page - a web page created using the software capabilities of the Site as a result of the User's receipt of the Account containing the User's Personal Information.
  10. Personal data - reliable, complete and up-to-date information, allowing to perform the User's authorization procedure, which is voluntarily and gratuitously placed by the User on the Personal page. This information, provided by the User during the Registration on the Site, may contain the User name, user login, e-mail address and other information that the user deems necessary to communicate about himself. The storage of personal data is carried out solely to ensure the possibility of authorization of the user of the Site.
  11. Registration - the visitor's actions to create an Account on the Site according to the established procedure. In the process of Registration, the User fills out the User's Questionnaire and specifies the authentication data on the basis of which the Administration provides the User with access to the following functionality of the Site: evaluation and commenting of Content posted by the Administration and other users, posting of its Content in accordance with Site rules.
  12. Authorization - the process of analysis by the software part of the Site entered by the User
  13. Authentication data, based on the results of which it is determined that the User has the right to access the capabilities of the Site and the User's Personal Page.
    Authentication data - a unique identifier of the User, used to access the User's Personal Page. Authentication data includes the User's login, password, e-mail address.
  14. Unauthorized access - use of the user's authentication data by a third party.
  15. Administration - authorized persons of the Company, establishing the procedure for using the Site, managing the operation of the Site and controlling the execution by the Users of this Agreement.
  16. The company is a legal entity that is the rightholder of the Site - TRISKIRAN LLC (address of location: Russia, Moscow).
  17. Rules - the terms of use of the Site set forth in this Agreement.

Subject of the agreement

  1. This Agreement with the User (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") is a legal agreement between the User and the Company establishing the rules for using the Site. All documents subject to regulation by Users or Visitors of the Site or related to such use are an integral part of this Agreement and its annex.
  2. By registration on the Site, the User confirms his full agreement with the terms of this Agreement in accordance with Art. 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
  3. In the event of disagreement with any terms of the Agreement, the User agrees to immediately terminate the use of the Site.
  4. The Company reserves the right to change the terms of this Agreement at any time. The User undertakes to review this Agreement on a weekly basis and is acquainted with changes in its terms.
  5. The User undertakes to immediately stop using the Site and not to visit the Internet pages placed in the domain of the Site domain in case of not agreeing to any terms of this Agreement and / or the Rules.

Intellectual rights

  1. The User has the right to post the Content on the Site in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the Rules.
  2. The content placed on the Site is subject to the exclusive rights of its rightholders.
  3. Any use of the Content without obtaining the prior consent of its rightholders is prohibited.
  4. By placing the Content, the User warrants that he possesses all the rights and powers necessary for the placement of Content and the provision of rights to the Content in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
  5. The user guarantees the compliance of the Content with the requirements of the legislation.
  6. By placing the Content, the User provides the Company with non-exclusive rights to reproduce, publicly display, process, communicate to the public without restriction of territory and time, without paying compensation to the User. The content posted by the User can be used by the Company in any other section of the Site.
  7. By posting the Content, the User grants to any Site Visitors the non-exclusive rights to access the Content, its reproduction for personal non-commercial purposes.
  8. The user is responsible for the placement of the Content and all the consequences associated with its publication.
  9. The user recognizes for the company-owner all rights to the Site as a single object, including all its components.
  10. By accepting this Agreement, the User agrees that:
    1. When placing the Content, the User does not become a co-author of the Site and refuses any claims for such authorship in the future;
    2. In the event of the transfer of any rights to the Content to the owner of the Content, the User is deprived of the right to withdraw, as defined in Art. 1269 Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
  11. In the case of posting Content specially created by the User for posting on the Site or Personal Page, the exclusive right to such Content is reserved to the User.
  12. Access to the Site materials, including the Content, is provided to Visitors and Users only for personal use and familiarization.
  13. The Site Administration and the company-owner do not bear any responsibility for the integrity and safety of the Content posted on the Site.
  14. The terms of this Agreement relating to the transfer by the User of the rights to the content remain in effect after the termination of this Agreement.

User registration

  1. To become a full-fledged user of the Site, you must complete the registration procedure.
  2. To access the services of the Site, the visitor needs to create an account. In the process of registration, the visitor chooses his User name - login, as well as the password. After successfully completing the registration process on the Site, the Site User accesses the Personal page.
  3. In the process of obtaining the User's account, provide full, up-to-date information, while the administration reserves the right to refuse registration or to terminate the process of registering a new User at its discretion.
  4. At registration the User has no right:
    1. Pretend to be another User using his login and password.
    2. Inform your login and password to use the user account to third parties.
    3. Use as its login, word or phrase that is rude, intimidating or obscene from the point of view of morality and morality, deliberately altered logins of other Users, which are offensive to their owners.
    4. Use for avatars images with elements relating to fascist and nationalist symbols, containing pornographic materials and other materials and images that are contrary to the laws of the Russian Federation.
    5. Create more than one account for one User.
  5. In the event that the login selected by the User is almost identical or extremely similar to writing with the login of another User, the Site Administration may offer the User to choose a different login.
  6. By registering on the Site, the User confirms that he has the necessary legal capacity and authority to accept this Agreement, is able to comply with the terms of the Agreement and be responsible for the violation of the Agreement, including legal relations arising out of the use of the Site.
  7. The user remains responsible for storing his password for accessing the Site in secret. In the event that the password for accessing the User account has been lost by the User or became known to other persons other than the User, the User is obliged to immediately change his password to access the services of the Site.
  8. The User agrees that all actions performed on his behalf (using the user account) are regarded as actions of this User and may entail responsibility for the User.
  9. Administration has the right at any time to delete any data and accounts for any reason or for no reason at all. The administration reserves the right, but it is not obliged to monitor the activity of users of the Site.
  10. When registering, the User undertakes to enter valid Personal Information.

Using the Site

  1. The User undertakes not to use the Site for illegal purposes, any use of the Site not authorized by this Agreement is prohibited.
  2. The User undertakes not to use the site services for the following purposes:
    1. To abuse their rights, cause anxiety, threats or intimidation of other Site Users;
    2. In order to send, transmit or facilitate such sending or transmission, any data that violate these rules contain information that is defamatory, discredit someone (both the Site Users and third parties), their content is obscene, offensive, contains material that are pornographic, intimidating or otherwise violating the laws of the Russian Federation or the rights of others;
    3. To achieve any unlawful or unauthorized purpose by the Administration;
    4. To transmit or facilitate such transmission or sending of any message or request designed or intended to obtain a password, login or personal information of any Site User;
    5. To create or send unwanted e-mail ("spam") to Internet users;
    6. For violation of any laws of the Russian Federation and / or the jurisdiction of the Site Visitor;
    7. To provide the history of visits to the Site to appropriate programs, the purpose of which is to overwrite existing visits histories (the source of the computer's connection to the network) or data beyond the discussed topic.
    8. For the use of robots and automated means designed to access the Site without the written permission of the administration of the Site. The User agrees not to take any actions that, in the opinion of the Site Administration, contribute to the unreasonable loading of a large amount of information and data on the Site that make the Site and access to the Site of other Users difficult, do not interfere and attempt to interfere with the normal operation of the Site and not undertake any actions, bypassing the measures taken by the Site aimed at restricting Users' access to the Site;
    9. To change the functioning of applications and services of the Site, including, including the creation of separate User accounts.
    10. To send or receive money by a Site User or other remuneration in exchange for receiving votes or participating in any operation that artificially changes the results of services and applications of the Site.
    11. To place ads or requests addressed to an unlimited number of persons about the purchase or sale of any goods or services. The violation of these rules is also the use of information obtained through the services and applications of the Site, advertising and sale of such information to any User or third parties without obtaining the prior consent of the copyright holder.
    12. To perform actions on behalf of another person or other User of the Site;
    13. For the sale or other transfer by a user of the Site of his account to another User of the Site or to a third party.

Rules of communication on the Site

  1. The site invites you to express your opinion and participate in the discussion with each other through comments. We encourage openness of communication, but we would like you to follow the following points, keeping a friendly atmosphere for all of our readers. Administration does not correct or moderate the comments, but we reserve the right to delete and edit the published content.
  2. Respect each other. The debate is wonderful, but there is no aggression. Please refrain from offensive, rude or threatening comments. If you attack another user or author, your comment and responses to this comment can be removed from the discussion. Attacks create an unpleasant atmosphere and discourage the desire for discussion. You are fully responsible for libel and insult.
  3. Intolerance will not be encouraged. Racism, homophobia, sexism or any other form of intolerance has no place on our site.
  4. Watch for expressions. Vulgar posts can hurt other readers. Our filters are very tolerant, we are for brightness and ease, but too many profanity can be an obstacle to fasting. Please note that comments can be edited by the moderator for any reason, including profanity. In such cases, we always try to explain the reason for the changes, usually through personal correspondence.
  5. Do not shy away from the topic. Comments should be related to the topic discussed in the article or post. Unnecessary comments will be deleted or receive a negative rating.
  6. Do not impersonate another.
  7. Spam and commercial content, advertising messages and announcements of events in the Community service will be removed. We do not welcome content used for commercial purposes or for collecting money. If we find such content, we reserve the right to remove it. The same applies to posts.
  8. Users can report their dissatisfaction with hosted content. If one of the users complained about another, the moderator will review the complaint at the earliest opportunity. It may take several days, although we hope that the test will be faster. We do not delete every comment to which a complaint has been lodged and we can not personally respond to every complaint.
  9. Stop and think before commenting. We will not delete the comments if the reader or the author regrets writing it. Please remember that each comment has its own link and a story on the Internet.
  10. Do not give your personal information in the comments. We are absolutely against our users leaving their personal data (address, phone, work place) and we can remove any comment in which we will find personal users or personal data of other people, otherwise it violates the right to privacy.
  11. Violations of our recommendations may lead to removal from the number of commentators. If you think that you were banned by mistake, please contact.

General rules for the placement of content

  1. Any publications of materials, comments and messages calling for violation of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, of a racist nature, incitement of interethnic and interreligious strife, pornographic and immoral content are prohibited.
  2. Users should follow the general rules of the Russian language when publishing materials, comments and messages.
  3. Any use of copyright objects without permission of the copyright owner is prohibited.
  4. In the course of using the Site, gross, obscene expressions (including the substitution of symbols) and insults in any form with respect to other Users are prohibited.
  5. It is prohibited to distort or change the names of other Site Users.
  6. It is forbidden to use derogatory definitions for different nationalities, peoples and social groups in an offensive treatment.
  7. It is forbidden to use alternation of uppercase and lowercase letters when publishing materials, comments, messages.
  8. It is forbidden to publish materials, if they contain commercial advertising.
  9. It is forbidden to publish materials that contain profanity.
  10. It is forbidden to publish malicious links, or links leading to pages with unsafe content.
  11. It is forbidden not to normalize the number of punctuation marks and smileys.
  12. It is forbidden to place graphic images containing profanity and pornography.
  1. The User of the Site does not have the right to post any Content on the Site, unless it is known that its placement will cause losses, moral damage, damage to business reputation, and if its placement violates someone's rights.

Rights and obligations of the User

  1. The User undertakes not to post Content of a provocative, coarse, offensive or aggressive nature, contrary to moral and ethical standards, violating existing Russian or international law, violating the rights, including intellectual, of third parties.
  2. The User is liable for the violation of this Agreement in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  3. In the event of damage to third parties, other Users or the Site, the User undertakes to reimburse the damage in full in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
  4. The user is liable for all costs (including compensation for damages, damages, fines, legal and other costs and expenses) in the event of any third party claims, including but not limited to claims related to the protection of intellectual property rights of third parties, or the obligations arising from the Site in connection with the requirements of third parties, related to or arising out of a violation of the terms of this Agreement by the User. The User undertakes to take all necessary and possible measures aimed at excluding the Company-owner from the number of respondents.
  5. The User undertakes not to post on the Site data that, in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, can be considered personal, with the exception of impersonal (publicly available) personal data. The company-owner does not collect, process and store such data, if found on the Site such data will be immediately deleted, and to the posting user, the liability measures provided by this agreement, rules and current legislation may be applied.

Rights and duties of the Site Administration

  1. The Site Administration does not deal with disputes and disputes between users of the Site, but reserves the right to block the User's page in the event that other Users receive motivated complaints about the incorrect behavior of this User on the Site.
  2. The Administration of the Site is not responsible for the disclosure of its Personal Data and Personal Information by the User.
  3. The Site Administration has the right, but is not obligated to moderate the Content posted on the Site.
  4. The Administration of the Site has the right to remove any Content, including text, a photo, the User's comment without notice and explanation of the reasons.
  5. The Site Administration does not control the observance of copyrights to intellectual property and is not responsible for the violation of their Users by the Site.
  6. The Site Administration makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding the content posted on the Site.
  7. If the User violates the terms of this Agreement, or the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the Site Administration will be forced to use its right to transfer contact information, IP address, any other information to interested parties on the basis of an appropriate request.
  8. The Site Administration uses information about the User's actions in order to improve the operation of the Site.
  9. The Administration of the Site reserves the right to suspend or terminate the access to the Site of any person with sufficient grounds to assume that the Personal data are not complete or not true.
  10. If the User violates the terms of this Agreement or the Rules, the Site Administration has the right to delete the User Account.
  11. The Site Administration reserves the right to impose any restrictions on the use of the Site both in general and for individual users without explanation.
  12. The Site Administration or the owner company reserves the right to close, suspend operation, change the Site or a part thereof without prior notice to the User.
  13. The Administration of the Site has the right to suspend the User's access to the Site for carrying out the necessary planned preventive and repair work on technical resources
    The company-owner shall not be liable to the User and shall not reimburse the User for losses incurred or that may arise in the User due to delays, interruptions in work and inability to fully use the Site.
  14. Administration ensures the storage of personal data. The storage is made indefinitely until the User initiates the deletion of its credentials from the Site or on the initiative of the administration in the event that the User does not use the Authentication Data of his account for more than 12 calendar months in a row, with prior notification of the User by e-mail (to the address, specified at Registration).

Limitation of liability

  1. The Administration does not control and is not obliged to take any actions concerning the control over the way in which Site Users visit the site or through which they use the services and applications of the Site, for the effect that the Content placed on the Site may have on Users and Users The users or visitors of the Site can interpret the information posted on the site; control over the actions taken by Users and visitors of the Site after acquaintance with the information posted on the Site. A site may contain or direct a User and a visitor to the Site from links to other sites containing information that may appear intimidating or incorrect to others. The company-owner is not responsible for the content of such sites, access to which is obtained through the services and applications of the Site, for observance of the exclusive rights of others, the legality of the materials placed on such sites.
  2. The administration and the company-owner do not have any obligations to ensure confidentiality with respect to information provided to its Users, although it takes all possible measures to this, unless there is an agreement on the reverse or corresponding requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


  1. The Agreement comes into force from the moment of Registration of the User on the Site and is valid for the entire period of using the Site.
  2. The Site Administration and the owner company are not responsible for the User Content posted on the Site. Also, the company-owner does not bear any responsibility:
    1. For inaccuracy and incompleteness of the Content;
    2. For damage, harm and loss of any nature caused by the use of the Site or the violation of its work;
    3. For the disclosure of personal information that occurred as a result of a violation of the Site.
  3. The Site Administration reserves the right to make any changes to this Agreement by posting these changes and additions to the Site.
  4. The User voluntarily adds Content to the Site, while the User retains intellectual and any other rights that belong to him in relation to the Content.
  5. In the event that the Site Administration or the owner company at any time does not require the User to comply with any terms of this Agreement, this does not invalidate the right of the Site Administration or the owner company to require such execution at a later date, as well as take measures aimed at the User's fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement.
  6. Upon termination of the Agreement, the owner company continues to own all transferred rights to the Content, without any obligation to pay the User for its use.
  7. Nothing in this Agreement shall limit the rights of the Site Administration, the owner company or the User to enter into similar agreements with any other person.
  8. Recognition of one of the conditions or provisions of this Agreement as invalid is not grounds for invalidating any other terms or provisions of the Agreement.
  9. The User agrees that in case of disputes, they are subject to resolution in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
  10. The User agrees that the Content may be accompanied by advertising without any additional notice to the user and without any compensation whatsoever. In this case, the user undertakes not to interfere with the demonstration of advertising. The User acknowledges that the Administration and the company-owner do not bear any responsibility for the content of such advertising, as well as for possible consequences for the User arising from the placement of advertising.
  11. The User agrees to receive information, news and advertising mailings to the Administration, including to his e-mail address specified during registration.

Services and applications of the Site may redirect Users and visitors of the Site to other sites and resources. Due to the fact that the Site does not control other sites and resources, the Site User agrees that the Site is not responsible for accessing such sites or resources and for data posted on such sites and resources that advertise services, products and other materials.

You do not have the right to use the opportunities of the Site and to visit the pages located in the domain name domain, in case of not agreeing to this agreement and the Rules, please leave our site immediately.